Organic brand growth
is existential, not optional anymore

Elevate your site experience by converging content, community and commerce

Create a full-funnel experiential engagement with your customers

Most brands struggle with

Rising CACs
High bounce rates
Poor customer engagement
Abandoned carts
Broken site experience
Expensive tech talent

Old playbook of templatized commerce sites with paid ads no longer works. To deliver unique & engaging experiences, brands are only left with custom development which is expensive, time-consuming and talent dependent.

As a digital commerce and experiences enabler, we help brands grow their direct-to-consumer channel organically with an experiential tech platform, combining the power of the 3Cs to increase traffic, engagement, conversion and customer lifetime value.

Content, community & commerce

Ready to take your brand to the next level?


Want your existing content assets to increase the brand’s revenue?

Add our Shoppable Content module on top of your existing commerce & CMS system for seamless, conversion-friendly customer experiences.

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Want to create relevant content faster with generative AI?

Our Coauthor module combines generative AI with context intelligence to create relevant content faster, with focus on improved SEO, organic engagement & conversion.

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Is your tech stack limiting your brand's growth potential? 

Adopt Experiential Commerce platform and combine the power of content, community & commerce to scale your brand. Let's konnekt before you spend more on tech resources or go composable.

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Imagine this experience

You can now build such unique experiences faster and cheaper than bigger brands with multi-million budgets. Let us show you how.

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Schedule a demo with our team